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Why study Geography?

We live in a time when events and changes in one part of the world can rapidly affect people and environments in other parts of the world. Economies, environments and cultures are linked across the world, as never before.

Geographers in the twenty first century will need to be able to critically unpick issues to fully grasp the impact of globalisation on people and the planet.

Sound and sustainable stewardship of the environment and its resources is essential for future generations. Geography is the only subject which has as a main focus the relationships between people and their environments - both locally and globally.

Particularly wide combinations of skills relevant to employment are developed through the learning of geography and its stimulating use of contemporary issues and real world examples. The use of GIS in education and beyond is a vital skill that is incorporated through the use of ARCGIS in all topics.

Course content and Assessment

We follow the Edexcel syllabus and there is currently one residential field trip in Year 12. Further details of the syllabus (first teaching from 2016) can be found at

Year 12

  • Tectonic Processes and Hazards
  • Globalisation
  • Coastal Landscape and Change
  • Diverse Places

In the summer term there are two exams to cover the four topics and field work skills. All students are required to complete an independent investigation during the summer holidays.

Year 13

  • The Water Cycle and Water Insecurity
  • The Carbon Cycle and Energy Insecurity
  • Superpowers
  • Health, Human Rights and Intervention

There are three exams at the end of the course.

Teaching styles

Geography is taught in the well-appointed geography suite using a range of styles and materials including the VLE, magazines, video, and I.T., textbooks and geo factsheets. Fieldwork forms a key part of the syllabus. We run a field course to a residential field studies centre in Year 12 and local visits that compliment our studies. Students also attend revision days run by head examiners. Students also have the option to attend evening lectures organised by the Geographical Association to get a taste of under-graduate life.