All students are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of clubs and societies including sports, drama, chess, computing, orchestra, choir, debating, public speaking, Young Enterprise and a whole variety of subject-based clubs and activities.

The College fields a large number of teams in a range of sports both after school and on Saturday mornings. Students participate in regular international and domestic sports tours including ski trips, Duke of Edinburgh Award and the Year 7 Lake District Activity Week.

There are many educational visits of an academic, cultural and leisure interest, which includes regular foreign language visits and exchanges to France and Spain, international History, Geography, Physics and Classics Tours, as well as day visits for all curriculum areas within the UK, ranging from Science and Maths to Theatre and English days.

There are many clubs and societies for the boys to join including Chess Club, Computer Club, Drama Club, Linguistics, Maths Olympiad, Numbercrunch, Photography, Rubik’s Cube Club and STEM Club.

'...almost all parents felt that the school provides a suitable range of extra-curricular activities …' ISI Report 2022