The Safeguarding Team at Salesian College has witnessed a rise in the number of cases involving concerns over the mental health & wellbeing of our students in our care. This is a pattern which is happening across the country in the education sector.

We recognise that there will be some students and parents who may not be aware of the support available both at local level, and national level.

Below is a list of mental health organisations that can offer support that we can recommend.

The Salesian College Safeguarding email is
Emily Gomes - College Independent Counsellor

Once a week, an experienced child and adolescent counsellor and psychotherapist visits the College to see students that need her services. The meetings are independent and held in a safe and neutral setting on College premises. Throughout her years of experience, she has worked with children on various issues that affect their well-being such as: anxiety; self-esteem; trauma; relationships; abuse; bullying; depression; sexuality; identity issues; panic attacks; anger management; loss; bereavement; self-harm; ADHD; autism and challenging behaviour. Her sessions are popular and she is often fully booked but if you feel that your child might benefit from her services, please contact their Head of Year or the Head of Learning Support, Michelle Vandenberg, for further details.


Childline offers useful advice and resources on how to support mental health and bullying.


Internet Matters

Online Bullying is a concern for many parents, online can often be a hidden aspect of many children's lives and children will not always talk if they are being bullied. Internet Matters have put some expert tips together for parents which are split by ages. If you need further support or advice please speak to your child's form tutor.


Hampshire Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service

This site offers excellent support and advice for parents and young people, helping pupils to become more aware, more motivated and more empowered to make choices that enhance their health and well being. There are a number of videos providing support and advice in the following areas; ADHD, Anxiety, Autism, Body image, Bullying, Depression, Eating difficulties, Gaming Addiction, Mental Health, Mindfulness, Gender Identity and Sexuality and Social Media. Please visit the site below for more information:



TalkPlus are a free, NHS service run locally to support students aged 16 and over with wellbeing and mental health concerns. Talk Plus cover specific GP surgeries in our area, where the student must be registered, but they cover quite a wide range in Farnborough, Fleet, Aldershot, Farnham and Yateley. Talk Plus offer a range of talking therapies including single sessions, CBT, counsellors and Mindfulness. These services can be accessed through video calls, face to face meetings, instant messaging and phone calls depending on the choice of the student. Once a student has completed the self-referral an administration person will contact them after just a couple of days and an assessment of need is made over the phone. They are then put on a relatively short waiting list the length of which varies according to need and flexibility of availability of the student. Please note that they are not a crisis service. Further details are available on the website. Students are able to self-refer by clicking on this link:



YoungMinds offers a confidential helpline: 0808 802 5544


Mindworks Surrey



Provides confidential support for anyone in a crisis.

Tel:116 123

PO BOX 9090



Kooth is a service which is part of Mental Health services for young people aged 11-25 years (up to their 25th birthday). Sign up by following this link:


Please be assured of our on-going commitment to the welfare and well-being of our young people. We hope this array of resources will also support the vital work that you also do as parents in supporting your children.

'Many pupils spoke maturely about the importance of maintaining good mental health and the need to establish a sensible work – life balance'

ISI Report 2022