Houses & Crests

As each boy joins the College, he is enrolled into one of the four Houses. These are St Aidan’s, St Bede’s, St Dunstan’s and St Hugh’s. He will remain in this House throughout his College career and this will be his Form (Years 7-11) and teaching group (Years 7-9). Any student with a family connection to the College is allocated to the 'Family House'. In extra-curricular activities, especially sport, there is keen competition between the houses throughout the year and in academic studies, the efforts of the students contribute towards the performance of their House in the Studies Shield.

School Crest

The College crest includes elements of both Farnborough and the Salesian order. On a gold background there are two red roses: one for Hampshire and one for England. Between them is the Anchor of Faith, below which is the dual-purpose pine-tree, representing Farnborough and Don Bosco (whose name is Italian for ‘wood’). The motto below, in gold on an azure ground, is the College motto “Virtus Sola Nobilitas” with a Maltese cross.

Surrounding the shield are the hat and tassels of a bishop, linking the College to the Diocese of Portsmouth. The hat and tassels are green, while the cords are green with a gold thread running through.


House Crests

St Aidan's


St Bede's 


St Dunstan's


St Hugh's


The Meaning of the Mottoes

College motto: VIRTUS SOLA NOBILITAS - Virtue is true nobility

St Aidan’s House: CERTA NEVE CEDE - Fight and never give in

St Bede’s House: INDIVISA - United

St Dunstan’s House: DUM SPIRO SPERO - While I breathe I hope

St Hugh’s House: ESSE QUAM VIDERI - Be, rather than seem