College News

Year 7 Run for Sean

On Thursday 8 October, students in Year 7 took part in a charity run for the Sean Devereux Children's Fund. Sean, a former Salesian Head Boy, died coming to the aid of children in Africa and Year 7 wanted to support this very worthwhile cause.  This year they ran around the school campus and were very grateful to be supported by staff and students who cheered them on from a distance.


Click here to view photos from the run.

NHS Drive-Flu Volunteers

Salesian College students have been helping with the NHS Drive-Thru Flu Jab campaign. Over the last two weekends, in rain and sunshine, our Sixth Form volunteers have been assisting local healthcare providers to enable hundreds of residents to have a flu vaccination ahead of this winter. A fantastic team effort with our students and College at the centre of the local community once again.

Year 13 Biology Field Studies Course

Year 13 made a full return to A Level studies last week with a field studies course in their Biology bubble at Juniper Hall. The weather was fine and the group worked hard all day on Saturday with Mr Hartland and Mrs Jordaan to collect data and develop their practical skills.

Welcome Back!

Today, it is wonderful to welcome back all of our students, the College feels like it has been brought back to life again.  Our Year 7 boys enjoyed their first day in secondary school yesterday along with Year 12 students who embarked on their Sixth Form journey.

GCSE Results 2020

Salesian College parents, boys and teachers were extremely proud and excited to receive outstanding GCSE results on Thursday 20 August 2020. This year has been very difficult for all concerned with public examinations and much has been written in the national press about the challenges faced by both students and teachers. There has been a degree of moderation from the examination boards, which has led to some results being uplifted from the teacher assessed grades, but generally the results represent the professional judgement of the teachers of the College based on their knowledge of the boys and their ability. These grades represent the hard work of all the young men of this College, if not in a terminal examination, but more importantly in all that they have done over their GCSE years. The teacher assessments are based upon the studies and achievements of the boys in the period before the suspension of the examinations.

Students at Salesian College have surpassed previous levels of attainment with 89.2% of students achieving grades 9-7.

Equally outstanding was that 100% of the boys in Year 11 achieved at least ten grades 9-4 including English and Maths.

18 students attained at least 10 grades 9-7.

37 students attained at least 10 grades 9-6.

The top performing students this year were Subigya R. (9x 9,1x7) and Darpan S. (8x9, 2x8) followed by Kyle B. (7x9, 2x8, 1x7), Alexandre G. (6x9, 3x8, 1x7), Robby J. (7x9, 1x8, 2x7), Oluwadaradara A. (5x9, 4x8, 1x7), Frederick B. (5x9, 4x8, 1x7), Wilfred B. (5x9, 4x8, 1x7, 1xB), Edouard H. (6x9, 3x8, 1x6), Rui P. (4x9, 6x8), Rory W. (6x9, 2x8, 2x7),Toby R. (4x9, 5x8, 1x7, 1x5), Jack B. (4x9, 5x8, 1x6), Daniel G. (4x9, 5x8, 1x7) and Alexander T. (4x9, 4x8, 2x7).These top fifteen students only reflect the pinnacle of the excellent work of all of those students who have done very well and who should be very pleased and proud of their achievements.

Mr Gerard Owens, Headmaster commented “The GCSE results achieved by all the boys in Year 11 at Salesian College are, once again, nationally outstanding and a great credit to the boys and staff who have worked so hard in partnership together. At a time of change and, in some quarters, uncertainty with the GCSE qualification, we are very happy to have again maintained excellent results with even more students achieving the top grades than last year. Parents are naturally delighted and the College is very proud that a year group and individuals who have achieved so well in sport, cultural events and many aspects of school life have now achieved such brilliant GCSE results. These follow the excellent pass rate at A Level achieved at Salesian College last week. I wish to thank both the students and staff of the College for their commitment to the education provided at this College particularly during the difficult times of lockdown.

We look forward to welcoming the boys back into the Co-educational Sixth Form where they can look forward with confidence to their A Level studies and preparation for University and later life.”