Why all Boys?

Salesian College has always been an all boys school since the Salesians started the school for the boys of the district in 1901.

Boys and girls learn differently particularly in the early years of adolescence. As a Headmaster of a single-sex school I know this from seeing it first hand, but there are a number of compelling studies which support this. A boys-only school gives them the opportunity to flourish in subjects such as Art, Drama and Music as they are less constrained by gender stereotypes.  As a boys' school, we are able to tailor lesson content to their interests and structure learning styles to suit their needs whilst making it fun and challenging enabling the boys to reach their full potential.

However, most single-sex schools will ensure there is interaction with the opposite sex. At Salesian College, we are lucky in that we truly have the best of both worlds as in 2007 we introduced co-educational education into the Sixth Form and this provides a suitable education for men and women as they emerge from adolescence and prepare to go to university. 

It is proven that single-sex schools work and this is reflected annually in the league table of top performing schools.

'Pupils are highly self-confident with no hint of arrogance.'

ISI Report 2022