Examination Results

A Level Results

The College once again celebrated excellent A level results with a 100% pass rate and 92% of grades awarded in the A*-C range. The academic achievement of the students’ further builds on the enviable reputation which the College enjoys as one of the highest achieving Sixth Form providers in Hampshire.   

This summer’s Year 13 cohort saw 51% of the students achieve A*-B in three or more A Levels.  Of particular note were the ten students (15% of the year group) who achieved three or more A* or A grades each.  First amongst these was Ben F. who attained four A* grades. Ben will go onto Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge University to read Natural Sciences. Also worthy of particular mention are Robert B. and Sam R. who each attained 2A*s and 1A and will both go onto Durham University to read General Engineering and History respectively and Alexander G. (Economics, Exeter) and  Oliver T. (Mechanical Engineering, Bath) also both attained 2A*s and 1A. Also in the top grades were Rowan C. (Biochemistry, York) and Max W. (Medicine, Exeter) with 1A* and 2 A grades each. Ben K. (Geography, Newcastle), Sam M. (Mechanical Engineering, Nottingham), Joseph N. (History & Ancient History, Exeter), Callum S. (Physics and Astro-Physics, King’s College London), Sam W. (Flexible Combined Honours, Exeter) and Tamara D. (Physiotherapy) all achieved the equivalent of 3 A grades. A good number more students achieved grades AAB and all of these, along with the vast majority of their colleagues, will be taking up places at an impressive range of top universities this autumn. 

The Headmaster, Mr Gerard Owens, congratulated students on their achievements, “Salesian College is proud to have a Sixth Form which provides a wide range of opportunities alongside the achievement of outstanding academic results.  I congratulate all our young men and women who have added so much to the life of the College. Whilst we rightly congratulate our students who have attained the top grades, it is equally important to celebrate the achievements of all of the students who have worked so hard to maximise their potential and meet their respective university offers. I thank the staff for all their hard work and commitment to student success. I wish all of our leaving students the very best of luck as they progress to university and I look forward to seeing them back on Prize Night on the 14th November."

A Level Results by Subject 2019

GCSE Results

Salesian College parents, boys and teachers were extremely proud and excited to receive outstanding GCSE results on Thursday morning 22 August 2019. This year the subjects are being graded using the new 9-1 scale and much has been written in the national press about the challenges facing both students and teachers with these more difficult GCSEs. Students at Salesian College have, however, surpassed previous levels of attainment with 89% of students achieving grades 9-7.

Equally outstanding was that 98% of the boys in Year 11 achieved at least eight grades 9-4 each!

9 students attained at least 11 grades 9-7 (or equivalent).

27 students attained at least 11 grades 9-6 (or equivalent)

99% of the boys gained at least 7 grades 9-4 including English and Maths.

The top performing student this year was Miles J. who achieved a perfect, and nationally outstanding, ten grade 9s and one A* followed by Thomas W. (8x9, 2x8, 1xA*), Theo R. (7x9, 2x8, 1x7, 1xA*), Alexander F. (6x9, 3x8, 1x7, 1xA*),Thomas C. (5x9, 4x8, 1x6, 1xA*), Japbir S. (3x9, 3x8, 3x7,1x6, 1x5, 1xB), William H. (4x9, 4x8, 4x7, 1xB), James O. (3x9, 6x8, 1x7,1xA*), Oliver T. (5x9, 2x8, 3x7, 1xA), James I. (3x9, 5x8, 2x7, 1xA), Shreenidhi K. (5x9, 3x8, 2x6, 1xA) and Daniel W. (5x9, 3x8, 2x6, 1xA). These top twelve students only reflect the pinnacle of the excellent work of all of those students who have done very well and who should be very pleased and proud of their achievements.

GCSE Results by Subject 2019