Our Success

In a recent survey of our students...

  • 97% said that using their iPad made learning more fun
  • 85% said that their classwork and homework was more organised through use of their iPad
  • 73% said that using their iPad had made them a more independent learner
  • 70% said that using their iPad helped them to get better results in their summer assessments

My iPad has made me more productive. I complete more work and my homework is always in on time!

Caleb, Year 8

Using apps like Quizlet or Showme makes lessons more interactive. It helps me remember things more as I am using more active types of learning.

Charlie, Year 8

I am more independent and I can do the work quicker.

Adithya, Year 9

In Chemistry, the app ‘Sunflower Science’ helped me to learn about ionic bonding and I found it easier to visualise.

William, Year 9

Using my iPad, I can easily hand in work to my teachers through online spaces like OneNote. No need to print lots of worksheet on paper if we are working on the iPad.

Alexander, Year 10

We can continue to communicate and easily share work with teachers and fellow students even when we are apart.

Ruben, Year 10