The Careers Department at Salesian College is defined by its effective, dynamic and forward-thinking approach. The Department is committed to excellence in supporting and preparing our students for the rapid and unpredictable changing world of work.  Our connective programmes are the expression of real life itself and offer the essential ingredients to support the development of the whole student, their key interests and their potential career paths.

Right Information, Right Choices

Personal, social responsibility and self-knowledge are encouraged by accessing the right information and by endorsing reflective thinking and the developing of life skills. The system is bespoke so that every student’s career profile is unique and it is tracked, measured and addressed appropriately. The various careers platforms underpin our vision thorough interactive exploration, building and recording profiles. We develop the students' employability skills to help them feel they’ve been well informed and supported in their decision making. The department uses many channels of communication including e-newsletters.

'Older pupils are ambitious and realistic in planning the next stage in their lives and value the support of the careers department' 

ISI Report 2022

Our programmes such as “#TalentCreator” provide the students with tools to be well equipped in the workplace of the future.  We believe in the importance of being connected to a world of opportunity by using a wide range of resources, experiences and interactions with employers, professionals from different fields, parents, alumni and friends of the College who are able to inform and inspire our students.  We encourage learning from the labour market to enable them to make the best decisions.

The “Salesian Inspires” series of talks is a perfect example of this.  Our connective programmes of visits to further and higher education facilitate the research, interaction and independence of thought and are without a doubt a valuable resource.

Both academic and pastoral staff are involved in the delivery of the programmes. The work of the dynamic and specialised team of internal advisers with many years of experience and successful outcomes complete the input of a team of external agencies who enrich with objectivity the whole guidance process. 

Our programmes fully comply with the Department of Education statutory guidance.  The College is a member of The Careers and Enterprise Company, the University of Canterbury, the InvestIN Education group etc.  As a member school, the College is able to offer access to events, programmes, conferences and awards which should help with decision-making skills.

Mrs Cardona is the Head of Careers (University Certificate on Career Leadership by Canterbury Christchurch University in Level 6) and can be contacted at 


"I've found the career guidance provided thoroughly useful and practical. It's allowed me to collect information such that the decisions and conversations I have regarding my future can be well informed. I am able to better understand what it is I want from a career and can work out what I need to do to reach my career goals"

Year 13 student