Mission & Values

Mission Statement:

The College is a Catholic school that seeks to appreciate and develop the talents and skills of each individual. Inspired by the life of Christ and his teaching and the work of Don Bosco, we endeavour in active partnership with home, parish and the wider community to prepare our students to face the future with confidence and take up the challenge of the Gospel.

At Salesian College the staff are dedicated to the academic, cultural, spiritual, physical and emotional development of each student. It is hoped to achieve this through the Preventive System based on the principles of reason, religion and kindness. Traditionally, academic achievements are high. The friendliness and mutual respect that exist between staff and pupils provides an ethos conducive to good order, learning and confidence.

At Salesian College it is assumed that the College is a community where people relate to one another, rather than an institution in which people communicate from either side of a common barrier. In this community each person must genuinely respect the others, and this respect must be demonstrated by what is said and done in the College.

Our system of education involves far more than merely imparting knowledge to the pupils. The pupils need to become aware of their potential in any field – literary, sporting, artistic, cultural, etc. The aim of the College is that each person should become the person he can become with the help of those who care enough to work beyond the demands of mere duty.

Good, firm discipline must be maintained and respected; otherwise, it would not be possible to have such a wide spectrum of activities as are found in Salesian schools.

Don Bosco created the spirit of the family in his schools, and believed that the spirit of goodwill in a school, and the dedication of all the staff, would encourage the pupils to meet one another and the staff in an atmosphere of trust and understanding.

'A sense of mutual respect and a shared understanding of right and wrong are at the heart of the school community.'

ISI Report 2022