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    In the Salesian Education, Don Bosco marked out the way in which he wanted to educate young people. For Don Bosco the areas where education happens are:

    • Home Belonging
    • School Learning
    • Playground Celebrating
    • Church Reflecting

    The centre of the model is the playground – the informal space in which pupils and educators meet and celebrate being together, on a shared educational journey.

    Four Elements in One Way of Working. 

    These four elements all lend themselves to different aspects of learning.

    1. A Home is where young people learn that they are important, have dignity and possess a set of gifts that are uniquely theirs.
    2. A School is where a person learns about life and themselves in a formal relationship and build knowledge and skills.
    3. A Playground is any setting in which a young person learns to relax physically, celebrate life appropriately and experiment safely with new roles.
    4. A Church is the place that asks questions and raises awareness about meaning on the journey of life.